Pilgrimage: A New Tradition of Walking with Soul – BRIGHTON FRINGE FESTIVAL

Discover the great British revival in pilgrimage. Guy Hayward and Will Parsons, part of the British Pilgrimage Trust, are re-introducing pilgrimage to 21st-century Britain – not in the old medieval form, but in a modern ‘re-wilded’ interpretation.

Pilgrimage is a dedicated journey on foot to holy places. At its root, the word pilgrimage simply means ‘through the fields’. And holy place, at its root means ‘wholesome, healing’ place. So pilgrimage is simply a walk through fields toward wholesomeness. It is a powerfully spiritual activity, and the very best form of physical prayer for people who aren’t sure if they believe in prayer. Singing minstrels Guy and Will lead us through a series of introductory pilgrimage practices in All Saints Church, aimed to help participants step out on their own journeys through British nature toward holy places. Their teachings include shelter making, simple rituals for engagement with holy places, a labyrinth walk, and learning a water blessing song. Each pilgrim will be given a wooden pilgrim staff, and to conclude the evening, the entire group will be taken on a short pilgrimage to the nearby holy well of St Ann (in St Ann’s Well Gardens) where they will sing the blessing song to the well.

Tickets can be bought through the Brighton Fringe Festival box office. Some tickets will be available on the door. Standard £10/concessions £6. More information: www.centreforspirituality.org