Weekly Events

Online Morning Meditation on Tuesdays, 745am-830am 

The Tuesday group offers a supportive environment to deepen and extend your meditation practice in the company of fellow spiritual explorers. No prior experience of meditation is required and this is an open group that welcomes newcomers.

We include a period of meditation practice for about 25 minutes, followed by a short reflection. We finish with a space for brief sharing about the practice for those who wish. During 2022, we will be drawing on The Art of Living, as our resource for reflection. This is a poetic collection of the teachings of the beloved spiritual teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh.

Important note for new participants: Our online meditations are hosted on the Zoom platform. The Zoom room opens ten minutes before the start time of the meditation. If you are new to the group please join when the zoom room opens ( 7.35am on Tuesdays, 7.50am on Saturdays) so that we can say hello and welcome you before the meditation starts. Please make sure your first and last name is visible on your zoom profile so we can identify you easily when you come into the zoom waiting room. For the security and for the safety of the group we require that you switch your audio and camera on initially to say hello to the host. Email info@centreforspirituality.org if you would like to participate in the group and to receive the zoom link. The weekly sessions are offered for free.

Online and In-Person Morning Meditation on Saturdays, 8am-9am 

No meditation on Saturday 30 September due to retreat weekend. 

The Saturday group has options to meet either online or in-person in Shoreham-by-Sea.  The group includes a series of gently guided meditations during the first 30 minutes, including a Gratitude Practice and an inspiring poem. Currently we are exploring the poetry of the Sufi mystic, Rumi. We introduce each practice.

The second 30 minutes is an ancient form of contemplative practice called Lectio Divina, meaning sacred reading. The invitation of Lectio Divina is to cultivate a heart-centred intimacy with the sacred text of the Bible, listening deeply with what St Benedict called “the ears of the heart”. In 2023 we will be exploring the Gospel of Matthew reading a short excerpt each week.

No prior experience of meditation, the Bible or Lectio Divina is necessary to participate in this group. This is an open group and all who are attracted by this kind of spiritual practice are welcome.

MEETING ONLINE:  To join by zoom please see the guidance note above for new members.

MEETING IN-PERSON  If you’d like to join in-person then please come to the Church of the Good Shepherd, Kings Walk, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 5LF. Please arrive by latest 7.55am so we can welcome you and start altogether. The Church is 3 minutes walk from the 700 (coastal) bus stop (Longshore pub is the name of the bus stop) or a pleasant 25 minute walk (some of it walking alongside the beach) from Shoreham-by-Sea railway station. There are bike racks outside the church hall.

Please feel free to stay on after the meditation for conversation and shared breakfast. This is entirely optional and for many people is a valued community element of the Centre for Spirituality. We take a five minute break at 9am to get a drink and/or something to eat and then re-gather online for reflection on the practice. For the in-person group we serve tea/coffee and fresh home-baked bread.  If you are joining in person we ask for a donation of £1.50 for breakfast to cover costs.

Walking Meditation on Sunday Mornings, 7am-7.45am, Sunday 3, 17 & 24 September, Church of the Good Shepherd, Shoreham Beach, BN43 5LG

Walking the labyrinth is a simple meditative practice. We will walk a five circuit labyrinth, modelled on the 13th Century Labyrinth found in the floor of Chartres Cathedral, France. Labyrinths emerged in different cultures over 4000 years ago; they are a mirror or metaphor for the spiritual journey and the evolutionary spiral of life. The Labyrinth is a single, spiralling path that leads to a central area. You walk the same path back out returning to the beginning. There are no tricks or dead ends unlike mazes. No experience of labyrinths or meditation required. Please note that you will need to remove your shoes to walk the labyrinth. The dates of Sunday morning labyrinth walks are listed on this webpage. The labyrinth is laid out in the Church Hall.


These weekly sessions are offered for free. If you become a regular member of the group we will invite you to make a small voluntary donation to contribute towards covering the overhead costs of running the Centre.

To access the zoom link for either meditation sign up on MeetUp or email us at info@centreforspirituality.org

“Contemplation is spontaneous awe at the sacredness of life, of being. It is gratitude for life, for awareness and for being.” Thomas Merton