World Day of Prayer for the Environment & Morning Meditation (Labyrinth Walk)

Tuesday 1st September is World Day of Prayer for the Environment. Pause and reflect on our responsibility for the Care of our Common Home. The latter is the name of the document which set out the Pope’s passionate call to action to meet the challenges of climate change.  

The Labyrinth will be available to walk from the earlier time of 7am on 1st September. We will have prayers and short readings at 7am and 7.45am and finish by 8.30am. Come as you wish.

We walk a seven circuit labyrinth that is modeled on the 12th Century Labyrinth found in Chartres Cathedral, France. In the last thirty years, walking the labyrinth has re-emerged as a meditative practice and a symbolic image of pilgrimage, not in the geographical sense, but of the journey we each make through life: a journey to the centre, a return to the heart, back to the Spirit who faithfully waits for us. The labyrinth is an archetypal image which emerged in different cultures over 4000 years ago; it is a mirror or metaphor for the spiritual journey and the evolutionary spiral of life. The labyrinth is a single, spiraling path that leads to a central area. You walk the same path back out returning to the beginning. There are no tricks or dead ends unlike mazes.

There is no fixed charge for the meditation, a donation is requested to cover the overheads of the church (buildings, staff, heating…).  If you have time you are welcome to stay for a light breakfast of tea/coffee and croissants at 8.30am; a donation of £1.50 is requested to cover the costs of breakfast.  

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