MIndful Movement with Dr Joel & Michelle Levey

This is a beautiful practice to begin your day and is traditionally done in nature while the dew is still on the grass. Join us for a morning  of mindful movement as we explore an ancient practice for aligning and attuning ourselves to the energy and inspiration of the Seven Directions to be taught by Dr Joel & Michelle Levey, leading teachers of mindfulness

This moving meditation offers us a meaningful way of “expanding our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and the whole of nature in all of its beauty” – and more fully awakening our potentials for dissolving what Einstein called the “optical delusion of consciousness” that leads us to feel separate from our world. All are warmly welcome and no prior experience is required. A video link for further practice will be provided.

£5 – £10 donation requested which will be given to Joel & Michelle Levey. 

PLACES ARE LIMITED TO 18 PEOPLE SO IF YOU SIGN UP PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE COMMITTED TO COMING. Coffee, tea, fruit and croissants to follow at 9.15am if you have time for a light breakfast. NB. If it is forecast to rain, we will change the location to All Saints Church and let everyone know through Meet Up the evening before.