Introduction to Deep Mindfulness with Dr Joel & Michelle Levey

This is a rare opportunity to learn mindfulness from two of the world’s leading mindfulness teachers, Dr Joel & Michelle Levey. 

Joel and Michelle Levey are presently engaged in work that has great prospects for bringing the inner sciences of human development and transformation to a very wide section of people.” His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

In this experiential workshop the Leveys will introduce you to a range of practices to bring greater awareness, ease and joy into your day-to-day living. Experience how mindfulness grows your capacity to be fully present in any situation so you can see more clearly your perceptions, thoughts and feelings. Become aware of other people’s worlds and act with more compassion and insight. Rather than feel overwhelmed by the stress and turbulence of today’s complex and fast-paced world, learn how to live, work and relate with a greater sense of spaciousness and flow and live your life ‘on purpose’.

Suitable for beginners to meditation and those with some experience.

 “Contemplation is the highest expression of man’s intellectual and spiritual life. It is that life itself, fully awake, fully active, fully aware that it is alive. It is spiritual wonder. It is spontaneous awe at the sacredness of life, of being. It is gratitude for life, for awareness and for being.” Thomas Merton

Tickets £17 standard/ £8 concessions, bookings through Eventbrite. We expect this to be a popular event, early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. 

Please note there is also an afternoon workshop which builds on this introductory morning. Click here to book onto the afternoon workshop: Compassionate Practice: Opening the Heart to the Joy and Pain in the World. The afternoon workshop lasts from 2pm to 4.30pm. We will have a mindful lunch from 12.45pm to 1.30pm which you are welcome to join; please bring a packed lunch. 

The Leveys have brought mindfulness to the heart of business, medicine, education, politics and sports arenas. They have acted as advisors to teams and leaders of over 200 organisations across the globe including: NASA, Google, Stanford Research Institute, The Clinton Global Initiative, Intel, local and national healthcare organisations, and most recently the Houses of Parliament in UK.  The Leveys serve on the Board of Advisors for the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities, The Art Monastery Project and The International Working Group on Compassionate Organisations. They also serve as clinical faculty of the University of Minnesota Medical School at the Center for Spirituality and Healing and are adjunct faculty for the Institute of Spirituality and Health at University of Texas Medical Center. Their books have been published in 10 languages and include: Luminous Mind: Meditation and Mind Fitness; The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation: Ancient Skills for Modern Minds;  Living in Balance, Thriving in a Complex World. The Levey’s latest book, Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindfitness was published in March 2015.