Hearing Good News – Reading Aloud the Gospel Of Mark

• What we’ll do
Join us to hear the Gospel of Mark read aloud from beginning to end. Regulars from the Centre’s Saturday morning meditation group will each read a chapter. The meditation group has spent the last 12 months hearing a fragment of the Gospel of Mark each week, reading from the beginning to the end of the Gospel using the contemplative reading practice, Lectio Divina. Reading the gospel slowly each week with what St Benedict called the “ears of the heart” has led many of us to see this first Gospel with new eyes and hear it with new ears. Breakfast of coffee, tea & croissants at 9.30am with an opportunity to share your experience of hearing the Gospel. Donations welcome to support the running costs of All Saints Church.

• What to bring

• Important to know
No need to have attended previous meditation sessions. All are welcome. Come for all or part of the reading; we expect the reading to last 1.5 hours. If you arrive late or leave early, please do so quietly.