Autumn Equinox Candlelit Labyrinth Walk

Mark the beginning of autumn by walking the Centre’s 11 circuit labyrinth, a replica of the medieval 12th Century labyrinth found in Chartres Cathedral, France. 

The labyrinth is a non-dogmatic, generous symbol of invitation that people are often magnetically drawn to. The single, spiralling path of the labyrinth which leads to a central area is a metaphor for our life and spiritual journey. The labyrinth is an ancient meditative practice that has re-emerged as a symbolic image of pilgrimage, not in the geographical sense, but of the journey we each make through life: a journey to the centre, a return to the heart, back to the Spirit who faithfully waits for us. Walking the labyrinth allows dimensions of ourselves to come into our consciousness; a way to meet our true selves. No prior experience of labyrinths or meditation needed.

The walk will be accompanied with live music from sound therapist, Cathy Rowland. 

Tickets available on the door: £7 standard / £4 concessions