Special Events

Hearing Good News – Reading Aloud the Gospel Of Mark

8am-9.30am, Saturday 20 January 2017

Join us to hear the Gospel of Mark read aloud from beginning to end. Regulars from the Centre’s Saturday morning meditation group will each read a chapter. The meditation group has spent the last 12 months hearing a fragment of the Gospel of Mark each week, reading from the beginning to the end of the Gospel using the contemplative reading practice, Lectio Divina.  Reading the gospel slowly each week with what St Benedict called the “ears of the heart” has led many of us to see this first Gospel with new eyes and hear it with new ears.  Come for all or part of the reading; we expect the reading to last 1.5 hours. If you arrive late or leave early, please do so quietly. Breakfast of coffee, tea & croissants at 9.30am with an opportunity to share your experience of hearing the Gospel. Donations welcome to support the running costs of All Saints Church.


Soil and Soul

10.30am-2.30pm, Saturday 27 January 2018

Join us at the beautiful Plot 22 in Hove. We will be gardening and cooking soup whilst exploring the theme of coming from darkness into light, as we leave the depths of winter and slowly the days grow longer as spring emerges.

We will eat outside in the garden around the fire, and listen to stories and poems on darkness to light. If it is very cold or wet, we can seek the comfort of the garden shed with its wood burning stove. There will also be periods of silence to reflect on our own journeys. Suggested donations: £5 – £7 towards the work of Plot 22. Places are limited. To confirm your place please email info@centreforspirituality.org




Immortal Diamond, a Study & Fellowship Group

Starting February 2018

Join this study and fellowship group and explore how we might live life more abundantly. We will be using the book, Immortal Diamond, as a resource. In this book Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest and founder of the Centre for Action and Contemplation, likens your True Self to a diamond, buried deep within you, formed under the intense pressure of your life, needing to be searched for, uncovered and separated from all the debris of ego that surrounds it.

We will meet in a home in central Hove three times from 7.30pm-9.45pm on Thursdays 15th February, 1st and 8th March. We’ll start the evening with a simple shared meal. After the meal there will be time shared reflections on the book and time for meditation and prayer. The group size is limited to maximum twelve people. GROUP  IS NOW FULLY SUBSCRIBED.  To express interest and join the waiting list in event of cancellations, please email info@centreforspirituality.org



Quiet Garden Morning

The first Thursday of most months  

The Quiet Garden Movement provides outdoor space for contemplation and rest in a variety of settings, including private homes. The gardens offer rest, refreshment, stillness and reflection in a context of natural beauty, and are open to people of all faiths and none. We are offering a monthly Quiet Garden in Saltdean at Moray Cottage. As well as the tranquillity of the garden, both the South Downs and the sea are 5 minutes away. There is also a labyrinth cut into the grass of nearby Saltdean Park.

The mornings are led by Revd. Kate and Revd. Judy and although the garden offers silence, after introductions and prayer, they are both available to listen on a one to one basis if requested. Refreshments are provided.

A donation of £5 is suggested. Once expenses are covered, the surplus goes to the Quiet Garden Trust, and this goes toward to the seeding of new Quiet Gardens and may even help with the support of those in developing countries. Booking is essential on either 07878959327 or rev.kate.lawson@gmail.com. as the capacity is 8 people.



“Silence is a dwelling place that is at once horizontal, allowing connection with the thisness, the singularity of everything, but also, at the same time, vertical. It allows us to find through those things doorways to the eternal.” Richard Rohr